~:: December Making ::~

More evening light in the middle of the afternoon.  This is what my studio looks like at Christmas.


Sewing machine, organic bits of this and that, inorganic bits of this and that –


Here is a little deer.  I’ve been wanting to make one for a long time.  Last year, I finally did plenty of things I’d wanted to do for a long time.  This year, not so much, till I did this guy.  He (if he gets antlers) or she (if he doesn’t) is my prototype.  For once, the pattern worked right the first time.  I was surprised and down right pleased when I got him turned inside out and stuffed.  His legs are bits of the trimmed wildish Potawatomi plum trees from the back yard; the bark is smooth and dark and makes very nice legs.


Deer one and two together.  Two got a coat of paint and is definitely a doe.


I think she’s lovely.  The light in the room could have been better.


She’s good natured, too.


I decorated a couple of stools, too.  By this time, I was coming down with some odd cold (thank you, Jane, for the very effective garlic pills). I’d been planning to do a stool for Rachel all year, but G kept hinting – sadly, knowing I’d never remember him in all the rest of the stuff I was doing.

To get his done before Christmas I had to do this crazy wait-till-G-leaves-then-drag-all-my-paints-out, then keep an ear out for him to return, then HIDE EVERYTHING –  which was helped along by the fact that I was also doing Rachel, so some the mess was explained quite innocently.  It was actually good that I was too sniffly and coughy and worn out to go to church or family parties.  I magnanimously put up a brave I-don’t-need-nursing front (I really didn’t need it – I was just contagious) and sent him to these events without me, then spent the time feverishly coughing and snivelling and wood-burning and painting.  Even Leslie and Sterling were in on the subterfuge,  calling to warn me when they started home from the family party with G in tow.



Done for Rachel, to remind her of her chickens and her mountains and her horses and the sheep in the back field – and everything.






For G – it’s supposed to be a brown trout, but I sort of messed up the coloring.


The coyote among sheep here is a character I used to draw a lot when I was in grad school, and for several years of the first of our marriage.  The sheep are there because I find that I love doing sheep.




The dogs are silly – and there’s even a real dog hair forever preserved under the varnish.




For Scooter, I made an Apostle Peter suit. Took me most of a day to pull it off, but it ended up kinda cool.  It came complete with a fish , since – well, you know.


This little dress, I whipped up in a couple of hours – to my TREMENDOUS delight.  I used this tutorial. The result was very satisfying. I embellished the bodice with one of the little birds from the scraps.  I’d also made a fish for Andy – two more fishy presents.


There were a couple of other things I messed around with making during the month.  Mostly, it didn’t go beyond the mess part.  But one last thing worked out to be a lot of fun:  last year, I found this cool piece in the magazine Christmas Ideas about designer, Karin Lidbeck‘s wooden snowflakes. I’d bought a bunch of the wood bits from the craft stores over the year meaning to make some of these, and I finally sat down during December to mess with them. There will be better pictures of these later.

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16 Responses to ~:: December Making ::~

  1. Rachel says:

    I am a spoiled rotten BRAT!!!!!!! I want one or two or more of those deer now!!! :D

    I love my stool…….. a lot!! I still can’t believe you did that for me!

  2. Guy Randle says:

    I love my stool. Thank you so much for all the careful work and the truly wonderful representations of our life.

  3. wsw says:

    The deer! I am swooning. They are SO Nordic. So, well, Finnish. I saw them and thought of my parents. Of my childhood home. Of extended families’ homes in Finland. Which makes those deer of yours rather powerful. I LOVE their expressions. I swear they are alive. Beautiful.

    And you are a wood-burning queen! (I’m a firewood-burning queen, which is not nearly half as fun.) It is not easy to wield a wood-burner, and look at the amazing results you achieved! I love your artwork. You have made treasures.

    And lucky, lucky grandchildren! You made that dress in two hours? It’s fabulous! Two hours? Sewing envy here.

    • K says:

      O, you don’t now how delicious that comment was last night. It was a tough evening – one of those feeling deeply and trying to write something so that it was exactly true and right things. The woodburning – I’m really still like a person trying to adjust a watch with a hammer, but I enjoy it and I’m learning, bit by bit. I DID make it that fast, because the project is really easy. T-shirt bodice with reinforcement, skirt. Thank you for making me feel happy of myself. YIPEE!!

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