~:: While Rachel was in Cancun ::~

Some people are very insensitive. They forget that not everybody can just jet off at the beginning of December, leaving children for endless blue water, and fairly nice December weather in the mountains for the warm yellow light of the southern regions. That not everybody enjoys photo reminders that they have been left behind, especially when all of a sudden, the weather back home  goes from nice to blizzard overnight.

I don’t have any of the pictures of Cancun – though I did see several such pictures, generously posted on Facebook.  On the other hand, I have plenty of pictures of home during that time. Which I am now going to show you:


This was only the beginning. You will note how dull the light is.  That’s because it’s snowing, see.  And the clouds are very heavy and the sun has gone to Cancun.


The four deer who live on the porch were aghast to find themselves blinded by the snow.


This is so sad.  Don’t they look puzzled?  At least I got to run the lights during the day – they showed up very nicely, even at noon.  If there was a noon that week.


Just a little storm.   Drifts on the planters.


ALL the planters.


In the back, the lines of lights began to grow into something else –


That’s the way it happens – you get some physical structure covered by water, and the little coral animals come and attach themselves and build these lovely, odd structures on them.  That’s what I found in my backyard – just like what I’d have found as I snorkeled in Cancun.  If I had been invited to go there, I mean.


Then again, MY coral lights up.


And – who needs documentaries on arctic foxes when you live with two of them?  Above, you see the fox after flying up in the air, ready to plunge nose first into the snow in search of – well, I don’t really know what lives under the snow in our front yard.  Probably mice, right?  Couldn’t be snakes.  Maybe there’s a whole nother kind of animal that lives with us in the winter without every once being seen? Anyway —


This is what arctic foxes get – white noses.


I hope it doesn’t embarrass them.


This is what it looked like inside the house in the afternoon with the lights out.  Of course, the camera exaggerates things a little. It wasn’t really this dark.  Only nearly.

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8 Responses to ~:: While Rachel was in Cancun ::~

  1. Rachel says:

    Too bad I can’t upload my photos here on my comment. Photos of me playing on the beach……… in the ocean……….. toes in the sand……………. sun on my face………..

    HEY! It’s supposed to get a balmy 50 degrees today! Get out our bikinis ladies!!

  2. Guy Randle says:

    I love your narrations

    • K says:

      You know – thank you. I have a horror of running off at the mouth, which is stupid, because that’s my reality. It’s just good to know, once in a while, that I’m not damaging minds at the same time. Or– wait — maybe I am. Maybe living with you has destroyed your critical sense???

  3. wsw says:

    I let out a whoop of delight when you popped up in the reader. I have missed you!
    Snow. Yes, it happens. I say that with a knowing groan. The groan is just about the driving in it (says the one who does NOT do the shoveling). Otherwise I kinda love it.

    The deer DO look puzzled. On the verge of being affronted. And there IS a whole nother cryptid animal, but I’m sure it is slinking about in all seasons. It’s nocturnal in this part of the world. My dog barks at it EVERY NIGHT.

    • K says:

      I am grinning my face off – to have inspired a whoop of delight! How many times do you get THAT kind of credit. I have to catch up with you now. We’re supposed to get more snow tonight. But somehow, I have already dismissed winter, and it’s all just temporary set-backs now. I still run my Christmas lights, and will till the end of this month because I’m not taking January lying down. And may I just say that “affronted” is the very perfect word? That animal skulks around the river bank, too – and sends the dogs into paroxysm of delighted – affrontery (yes, there is no such word, so I just made it wrong) – usually at two or three in the morning when they’ve gotten G up and talked him into letting them outside for some personal emergency. Imagining that he is keeping the neighbors safe from disturbance, G stands in the back doorway, shivering and shouts at them till they give up and come in again. Shame on those animals.

      • wsw says:

        Much as I love the snow, it is rather incomprehensible that we’re not even one month into winter. The cold and snow started so early. I feel for the outdoor-living critters. The horses and calves look so miserable.

        • K says:

          We got up to the 40s in the last couple of days, and Dustin is really flinging himself around, all puffed up, feeling good, chasing people IN THE MUD. I yell at him, like “Somebody’s going to get their eye put out,” when it’s really, “somebody’s going to break a flipping LEG out there.” But they’re feeling prancy and full of themselves. It won’t last. Freeze again, it will. You guys in the east have really taken the hits this month. But I can’t think in terms of one month into winter. December is just a vehicle for Christmas, not a real month. And January is almost over – I mean it’s the 12th already. And maybe we’ll get a February thaw. Then everything else is just waiting for spring. I will tell the universe to warm up everything but your hockey rink.

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