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First this. October – obviously, I guess.  Sometimes, I’m just moving through the house in the usual way when suddenly something strikes me as strange and wonderful. In this case, it was two things: the juxtaposition of the quiet dark of the house and the strange, dying light of the autumn day. Second was what is apparently a battle between two rainbow squid.


Then this. Chaz’ summer hair.  See?  I had this up on Flickr, all ready to go, but couldn’t work up the energy, or get my head above the genealogical sea, to post even this one significant thing.  My daughter is nuts.  We all know it.


This is an odd and fairly awful shot of a strange night sky. It was the night of the Closest Moon last June.  There is no moon in the shot, but I loved the way the light of it caught the edges of even the most ephemeral things.


And here is the moon.  I drove all over, trying to get a shot that would look Biggest. I ended up down at the pasture, shooting over the head of the tractor.  But I didn’t impress myself.  Actually we had a stranger moon a couple of nights ago – a sort of harvest orange moon, less than a quarter of it lit, and that on the bottom of the orb.  And it looked WAY larger than this moon, as though some hot-air balloon were rising just over the fields down the road.


A shot of mulberries. I wonder if that tree will survive my spring attack on the yard? I probably shot this with an eye to making a header out of it.  And that’s all.  Just four little shots, three in June, one in October.

I do realize that I’m not actually talking about anything in these posts. But I’m not sure what I really want to talk about these days, short of family and love and small, domestic things. The big world out there seems reeling, and I don’t like talking about it.  But squid  and blue hair and moons and mulberries – those I can talk about.

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8 Responses to ~:: Just stuff ::~

  1. Donna says:

    I saw the battling squid immediately and was amazed. Chazi might be crazy, but she sure is cute. I swear she could walk by me and I would not recognize her about half the time. The moon is too magical to take a real picture of…for me, anyway.

    • K says:

      Wasn’t that great? It was so funny, those tentacles reaching all over the place. Chaz doesn’t think she’s cute tonight. And the moon – it’s too aloof to share too much.

  2. Rachel says:

    I adore Chazi’s hair……………..

  3. wsw says:

    I’m a huge Chaz fan. Awesome hair colour. She does summer hair so brilliantly! Very Seuss-like. And not talking about anything neatly sums up my blog. Probably my conversations lately too. It’s wonderful to take a break from the ugly screaming of the world. Sometimes I wish I could just stay at home.

    • K says:

      I love discussing things. And I like having opinions. But when the situations are repeatedly as absurd, as brain-dead and really dire as they have been over the last many years, I don’t enjoy HAVING to take a stand, HAVING to feel like I have to SAY something. Philosophy, religion, science – those are fun things to talk about. But the rest of this stuff – huge stuff, but logically on a par with having to include package warnings on pop tarts that you CAN burn yourself on them, or electrocute yourself with a toaster – is just wearying. Staying at home, which is what I do, doesn’t really help. Going off the grid does – but you come up against it anyway – it seeps through the cracks. So I figure, a good sense of wonder and humor – that’s the vacation.

  4. Ginna says:

    I love love the rainbow squid

    • K says:

      The FIGHTING rainbow squid. I can’t seem to stop them. They’re at it at this very minute. I can see them at the window.

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