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First, for your pleasure: a March sunset.  Looks like the river is just a little bit on fire -

Second: what I should have announced two weeks ago.  Two weeks ago?  REALLY? (blinks a few times and takes a bracing breath):


They had to induce her to come. Promised her everything – her own bed. Endless supplies of food. No chores for at least five years.


Big brother finally meets THE BABY!!!


Proud father with his third eye.  Andy, wondering what’s going on.


And Gigi has it already figured out – when life is too much, screw your eyes shut and go to sleep.


I just loved the energy in her face, here.

This hospital light was so strange. I almost couldn’t see through it with my eyes. Kind of diffused and sorta pinky-yellow.  I know. I complain about light all the time. If I were good at this, I’d use whatever light there is and make it work.  Still, I wonder how anybody ever gets well in light like that.


“Ummm – Mom? What is that?  I don’t . . . this isn’t your bed . . .”


The beautiful Uncle John.


Andy expresses her opinion of the whole celebration.


Does this look like a woman who just gave birth? Really, she meets the world head on and comes out looking like this.




Andy finds out: there are perks to this hospital business. She brought the cup home with her. It’s a new take on life.

Gigi was  - oh, I’m no good at remembering these things.  Was she eight pounds eight ounces? And twenty inches long. And she’s wonderful. A very serious person.  Family doing smashingly. I couldn’t be prouder of our L, and our Cam is a truly great partner, cooking and caring for everybody and getting up at night to help. It takes guts to grow up, to manage this business of family-farming. I remember it fondly, and find that watching the next generation do it is MUCH more fun than doing it yourself.

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28 Responses to ~:: and back to our regular programming ::~

  1. Cori says:

    Lucky little lady!

    • K says:

      Me, you mean? (grin) You bet your buttons, woman! I think she’s lucky, too. It’s a great little family. And I have to tell you – I’m thirty or so posts behind on you. Is it 40? I’ve been up to my earlobes in ancestors. Like, twelve hours a day – digging, puzzling, putting together clues – getting off the point, then back on again, discovering that this connection is impossible but that that one, weird as it is, turns out to be right. In the south, families fold in on themselves, and three of four families of twelve kids per generation all mix together and interweave naming patterns – see? See where I am? But I think I’m getting better now. And when I do, I will not go to the library until I have dived into your little pool of enchanting prose. I send you kisses, up there in the wrong end of the valleys.

  2. Chazi says:

    And I STILL have not met that lovely little soul D:

  3. Rachel says:

    The looks on Andy’s face is priceless and says loads!!!

    • K says:

      I know. Isn’t it heartbreakingly sweet and sad. I looked at her and wondered if maybe I look that way sometimes, inside. And if HF feels the same way I did, looking at her.

  4. Rachel says:

    My mom says when my brother was born, my sister came in and gave her the most scorching look and ignored her for days. Thankfully, none of my kids reacted that way! Brennan took Trevor from me from the get go along with all of the other babies until Jadon. Matthew took Jadon. If any of them had problems, I was happily oblivious.

    • K says:

      My kids did pretty well, too. Though I do have a picture of Gin looking as mystified and slightly troubled as Andy. I remember worrying so much when I was pregnant with Cam – looking at little Ginna and hoping the new baby would be nice to her. It was a funny reversal, my somehow feeling that the baby would be older than Gin -

      • Rachel says:

        I can remember with Brennan when I was pregnant with Trevor being so worried. I loved Brennan so much and wondered how I could love another. Amazing how the heart works………..

        • K says:

          It really is, isn’t it? So many things I’ve been afraid of, worried over, that have worked themselves out. Hard to tell, though – the worry sometimes causes the actions that allow things to work out. Sometimes not. So I choose to keep worry around. But the heart – it’s stronger than we think.

        • Julie says:

          I had exactly the same worries Rachel when I was pregnant with Toby. You are so in love with your first child you cannot imagine that there is enough left in you to spare for the baby that is to come but they arrive and you find there is a bottomless well of it (at least most of the time!). One of life’s miracles!

  5. Sharon says:

    Joy — joy — joy!

    • K says:

      And another fun thing will happen this week – someone I know has a birthday! And what adventures will she plan, jetting around the country?

      • Sharon Shinn says:

        Ha. For a change, I will actually be IN TOWN on my birthday. The past few years I’ve had a work conference to attend right on my birthday, and I have been plenty crabby about it too. So this year…right here! So I get to have dinner at my mom’s, where she makes me a wonderful meal and yellow cake with chocolate icing. Yes, I’ll be 56, but eating Mom’s cake makes me feel like a beloved happy kid again.

        But that is not even close to being as exciting as having a new person in the world.

        • K says:

          Well, okay. Point taken. Now I have to remember to get to the post office today. My alarm with your name on it went off three days ago. Even when I calendar things, the river shoots me right by before I absorb the info. Having your mom make dinner – I remember that . . .

  6. Donna says:

    Sweet pictures of a sweet event in a sweet families life….and you must have really fixed the light, because it looks fine.
    Laura looks amazing, Scooter looks amazed and Andy looks bemused….life continuing….
    Love to all of them!

    • K says:

      Wonderful summing up – and just beautifully on target. I got a lot of pleasure out of those words of yours. And I will sent the love along!

  7. Patti says:

    Congrats! They are all so beautiful! I have four grandchildren from my daughter and I am patiently waiting for my son and wife now:-)! He graduated from college last year and she will this year so maybe soon with finger crossed!!

    • K says:

      I don’t want a million grandkids, just enough to make a fun summer camp with some day. A manageable amount, so I can know them all for real. It’s great fun to have little people around who have bigger people around so you can just play -

  8. Julie says:

    It’s so lovely to meet Miss Gigi and yes it is almost unbelievable that someone who looks so beautiful, serene and composed could just have given birth! Congratulations to all and much love xxx

  9. Dawn says:

    These pictures are precious. What a happy day for your family! Gigi is a lovely name, and she is a beautiful baby. Congratulations to a wonderful family

  10. wsw says:

    Oh my gosh! Such things I miss when I’ve been off playing in the spring sunshine! CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!!!! She is exquisite. Oh, just perfect. And I thought that very thing when I looked at the mama – seriously, just gave birth? Sheesh, I wish I could look so spritely and beautiful on one of my good days!

    • K says:

      She’s so pert now. Very alert and concerned, working very hard at pushing her feet down into your leg so that she can make a stick of herself – a stick with two eyes at the top – looking, looking. The week after the one I wrote about, both Lorri and Cammon sort of collapsed into a little pile of sleep deprivation. But now, they are doing better and have gotten sassy and creative again. I’m really proud of them.

  11. wsw says:

    And your March sunset photo. Such a delicious tangle of limb and light.

  12. One big giant hug going out to all of you. What a beautiful family. I’ve been amiss and I see lots has been happening. Congrats to the fam and to you!

    • K says:

      HEY LINDY!!! So wonderful to hear from you! I’ve been projecting myself, and haven’t been on line much at all. But I’m joyous to see you!!

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