~:: What Happened on Monday ::~

First, may I say that I am growing to hate capchas of any kind with a deep and abiding hatred?  Well, I am.  And the darned things are getting longer. Isn’t there another way? Counter-bots that follow the dang spammers back to their nests and blow up?

I’m afraid I might be in a sort of foul mood.

Here is what happened this week:

Wait. No. Here is what happened last week.  When did we go to Gin’s last? The second of March.  Right. That was twenty days ago?  We flew. It was short. But as always when I get back from being anywhere, I have this ghost left in the back of my mind, and when I think about doing anything, it says, “but you better hurry, because you have to leave next week.”  When I don’t have to leave.  When I have all the time in the world, it still says that.  It makes me nuts.  So I said to G last week: “Tell me I don’t have to go anywhere next week.”  And he did.  But now I can never trust him again.

Because of children.  Because being a mother is knowing that, whatever you think you know – you don’t.  Whatever you think you are going to do, you won’t be. Whatever you don’t plan WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.


Driving through the woods on a frozen morning


There are tooth aberrations in my father’s line. As of about five years ago, he still had at least one lateral incisor that was still a baby tooth.  You know that expression, “long in the tooth”? Well, he is, but that tooth isn’t. Long. But old, yes. And I inherited this. I had – I don’t remember – one? Two? Baby teeth without adults to follow. And some of my kids had the problem.  But Murph? Five.  FIVE TEETH that came without replacement parts.


Please note the cliff at the edge of that icy turn up ahead. And Chaz’ pink Foster Grants, the burden of a true cos-player.

Braces shifted my whole set of teeth around so you almost can’t tell I’m tooth deficient. They pulled the baby ones and crowded all the other teeth into them. But you can’t shift around as many teeth as Murphy has to deal with before you’d have to slap a brass plaque on his chin announcing that his mouth had actually been designed as an abstract impression of the Rocky Mountains. So we always knew that implants loomed in his future.


I was once a dental assistant. It lasted for a year. I assisted in deep bone surgeries and easy restorations and root canals, but mostly, I just made appointments and paid bills. During that time I conceived a deep disregard for prosthetics like cap and bridge. Especially bridge: what is the point of destroying two perfectly good and very personally shaped teeth so you can fill in between them? Implants speak to me.


But you have to have jaw bone to screw them into.  Jawbone is shy.  Sort of a use-it-or-lose-it affair. If you don’t keep it healthy, your teeth start to drop out of it like apples out of the sky on a warm autumn afternoon. Adult teeth that burrow their roots in the right places are not a problem. Baby teeth that outstay their welcome are.  So when Murphy began to have pain in one of his teeth, went to a local dentist and found out the baby tooth was dying an ugly death, we knew that the final process of building Murphy an adult mouth had just precipitously begun. And since Gin’s Dr. Kris has sworn to make it happen, there is where we had to go.


It was Murphy’s job to shoot this as I drove. This is why he likes driving.  So I can shoot my own darned stuff.

Murph had to drop everything and travel down to Santa Fe right away. Before the jaw bone decided to recycle itself and disappear. Things being what they were, he was determined to drive himself. Mothers being what they are, I couldn’t let him do that. Chaz being what she is, she wasn’t about to let two weary people weave their ways south through the mountains without the company of a responsible adult. So suddenly: ROAD TRIP.


Never mind the fact that the second worst blizzard of the year was also scheduled for Monday, we threw our stuff into the Highlander and headed for the adventure.


Eleven hours down, through two blizzards. One day running around town. Eleven hours back the next day.  I am now sitting on the couch pretending to be sick. This morning, I found a massage person who lives three blocks away, got her to work the kinks out of my neck and shoulders and driving arms and gas peddle leg, and I’m waiting for two days’ supply of Dr. Pepper to drain out of my system so I can stop traveling in my head and finally sleep.


Warm, oblivious Sully.

We had a ton of fun. Grave discussions of all aspects of existence. Terrible puns.  Hamburgers. Life-threatening conditions. Cute Sandy. Cute Max. Native American treasures. Sully. The mouth-dropping beauty of red rock. Santa Fe trip as ususal.  And they read one of my manuscripts to me all the way down and back, thus doing for me the work I had planned for this week—only much better than I’d have done it alone. I am still lost in the magic of that story and the rhythm of the road. And I am one tired little old lady.


Gin is actually taking professional, dentist like pictures.  She is not just taking advantage of her brother’s undignified moments.


Ummm. I, on the other hand, AM taking advantage.




This is Murphy again, trying to get a shot of the magnificent Shiprock. Maybe next time.

Once again, may I celebrate the blessing of useful children who take care of each other? In the end, this is the greatest of all things: that those you’ve invested in, invest in each other.  That we should all make God that kind of proud. (read that last bit with a bit of Yiddish)

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27 Responses to ~:: What Happened on Monday ::~

  1. Eve Dowdle says:

    I have 4 children. Only one had all his permanent teeth. One has 14, one has 9, and one has 6. All have lovely smiles. We have no retirement fund. :)

  2. Oh, it is maddening when the brain won’t shut off. Sometimes it seems to be an all or nothing experience for me. I go from waiting for helpful brain activity (where oh where is the ON button?) to would-you-stop-thinking-and-planning-already?-and-do-I-really-have-to-keep-on-working-right-through-my-dreams? exasperation. If I only had a cooperative brain. (Sing that last bit with a bit of Scarecrow.)

    Amen to your closing paragraph.

    • webmaster says:

      Yes. That says it. From one to the other. And sometimes it actually feels kind of hot and dry, like it’s used up all the oil and there’s actually friction going on in there. I keep ordering it to send me story dreams that will make me feel something sensible and calm but pleasant. Oh, ha.

  3. Donna says:

    Would you be happy with a little ‘boredom’? I really don’t like that word, but what is the word that means -time to do nothing with nothing planned to do?
    I was in the car for about 8 hours today and it put me completely off my self….it was beautiful with spring sproinging up all around, but still, not ‘exercise’ and bad food….arggghh.
    Anyway, so glad you are home safe and praying you get to rest and be still in heart and mind and body.
    And I love the dragon cloud and Murphy looks scary!

    • webmaster says:

      Leisure? But really, I have that most of the time. That’s actually the form of my life – to do what comes next without really planning. Except for church stuff, which is annoyingly organized. And I’m very grateful to be safe. Amazed to be. Bad food and all. And Murphy DID look scary.

      • Donna says:

        See, that’s why you are called a wordsmith….you can find the right words. Of course, leisure. And that is exactly what I have had a lack of this week. All fun activities on their own…time with a friend from Alaska, trip to Tamarack, planning meeting for First Friday at church, choir practice twice for the cantata on Sunday and Zumba. I haven’t had time for my walk or for eating right at home. It is that kind of ‘adding’ up that gets me in a mess. Quieter week, next week. Stevie is jetting off for a week in San Francisco with flowers in her hair and if the weather holds I will be painting some at La Ti Da. I really had my fill of people this week and am ready for some hermity time now….

        • webmaster says:

          Time for one thought to follow another. Yes. I’m not sure I remember how to deal with that. Hope Stevie has fun. The flowers made me smile. We thought things were so real back then. The painting will refresh you. Nothing changes things more quickly than paint.

  4. Ginna says:

    I’m so glad we got it started! And so glad youguys were safe. Too bad that the nice weather had to go just to welcome you in.
    Love you!!

    • webmaster says:

      It made more of a memory. Exciting in retrospect. But we had a wonderful time anyway. And we love you so much –

  5. Jenni says:

    Goodness no wonder you are tired! I wouldn’t go calling you a little old lady though :-) I worked for an orthodontist for a year so I know what you are talking about, you certainly made me laugh with this comment ‘If you don’t keep it healthy, your teeth start to drop out of it like apples out of the sky on a warm autumn afternoon.’ very descriptive and true. It must be scary driving in a snow storm but it certainly looked spectacular…..Murph didn’t do to bad a job with the photography and I think you got retribution with your shot :-) Lucky to have a dentist in t he family.

    Your brain will catch up with your body eventually…..

    • webmaster says:

      I think having a dentist in the family is a comfortable thing. My only uncle was a dentist, which is why, I think, I thought of working for one in college. A doctor would be nice, too – but Chaz bailed on that one. Now, we just have a science teacher instead. And then, a video guy. Brain has obviously not quite caught up. Off to feed the horses whose stomachs have no patience –

  6. Heidi says:

    Is it wrong to say I like CAPTCHAs? Because sometimes I feel like they are speaking to me. If it wrote them down on tiny slips of paper and put them in a jar, then pulled them out at random – would they make a poem?

    I loved this post, by the way. I’m not sure I can explain why, I just did.

    • webmaster says:

      The real question is: is it wrong to admit that you do not agree with Kristen and her bluster? Hmmmm. Hard one. They have spoken to me, too, a couple of times. I used to write them down, then present them to you guys to give me a definition. But now they are two words, which would NOT be allowed in scrabble, and sometimes upside down, which could be taken as a philosophical statement. Considering how I feel about some poetry, especially some that came from the later twentieth century, I believe the jar technique could actually work. A little like those fridge magnets you used to buy in small clear boxes. We still have some of those words attached to my fridge – that’s what i get for being reluctant to remove anything put anywhere by one of my children. Actually, though, I think the poetry would be in the act of hope – the dipping and choosing and determination to find meaning in the chaos.

      When you love things, I find myself able to close my eyes and relax.

  7. Dawn says:

    I’m glad that you all made it to New Mexico, safe and sound. This is a beautiful example of useful children investing in each other. I’ve had a lot of dental work done lately, so I know that the dental work alone was no small investment! Not to mention that supportive family who came along for the ride through treacherous condidtions.
    I hope that there aren’t any Captchas on my blog giving you trouble. I don’t want them on there, but they’re automatic.

    • webmaster says:

      Blogger doing battle with the bots. I do NOT understand people who want to do harm. But there you go. Yep – it would be a huge investment that M could never make on his own. And now I lapse into the significant: this is exactly what the Lord does for us, every day. I think if we could begin to understand how much support we are offered every moment, we would collapse in small heaps. Thank heaven my youngest son is not so stupid as to insist that he can do it himself. If only I were that wise.

  8. Rachel says:

    Glad you all made it to and from safe and sound and with today’s windy weather I’m thinking I should play sick too only I can’t cuz I got kids with tonsils that need checking at the doctors and an appointment with the mayor I have to keep. If I don’t get blown up North with this WIND! Yeesh!

    • webmaster says:

      WHEN DID YOU GET BACK??? I was hoping you weren’t trying to land in this wind. Woke me up this morning. I hope my big computer isn’t fried. I went back to bed till it was over. And I have a mayor appointment today, too – at 1:30. I guess he’ll be getting a wind of his own, if we do this right.

  9. I did read it in yiddish… at least I think it was yiddish… how would I know yiddish? It sounded very good anyway…

    You made me nostalgic with this one… and maybe a bit carsick!


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